God Save Our Children

I’ve read a recent CBC article on the “worst ever seen” case of child pornography distribution.  It is very distressing to read.  The man was in possession of over 4000 “unique images,” sharing them with over 400 people (probably more), which triggered over 1300 new investigations worldwide.  Child sex trafficking is a real danger in this world, and it tears my heart to pieces.

Not a long while ago someone posted on a Facebook page I follow about stumbling across a page that distributes child pornography and reported it.  It is shocking how many connections this network has; it really is a global network, and many of us are either unaware of how far it reaches or are too uncomfortable to think about it too much.  It makes me more than uncomfortable, believe me.  Those children are lost souls, separated from the love of a family, substituted by contact with depraved human beings.

CBC asked about rehabilitating the offender, but what about rehabilitation for these poor children?  The psyche of a child is much more fragile and in need of much more care to return to a normal life.

I ask that my followers please research charities to donate to to help rescue children from child trafficking and please pray for more children to be saved and healed, and if you happen to stumble across a suspicious site, blog, or Facebook page, please report it to the authorities, do not ignore it to pretend that it isn’t happening.  We live in a world that is too informed to let this terrible trade to continue.

One organization I would recommend is Thorn, which uses technology to find online networks that distribute child pornography.  So far they have discovered over 2000 child victims.  They also collaborate with survivors of sex trafficking “to inform the technologies [they] build, to understand the nuances of trafficking and to learn more about the role technology plays in these crimes [to keep their] programs relevant, informed, and impactful.”  Aside from Thorn, there are numerous other organizations that help specifically with the rehabilitation process.  Do your research well on these organizations, because money should go towards those whose work is the most effective at helping children.


2 thoughts on “God Save Our Children

  1. Well said! The truth can start to rot your soul, so here’s a couple of links about healing and transformation and how God can fix anything,even the really heavy stuff. 🙂

    I’m not sure if you read Anna, but she’s a powerful voice who helps to wash away all that yuck.

    Secret Angel is good too

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