Girl, Give That Guy a Break

I used to love cheesy romantic comedies, boy meets girl stories, stories about the relationship between the two (yes, two) genders.  Now that I think back on the general attitudes of the female protagonists in these stories, however, they make me want to hurl.

Female protagonists in romantic media generally follow the same pattern.  They fall in love with the guy, everything is going great, and then…well, I’m not sure.  Something unrealistic happens, like he makes an off-handed comment that generates more offense than would be warranted, or things “get weird” and now their love life is on hold for a good four months while the girl…angrily ignores the guy but gets jealous when she sees him with another girl (“But we’re not involved anymore so it doesn’t matter, I don’t care if you go after him one bit”) and takes it out on him, yells at him when he tries to make amends and he insists that “I’ve still loved you all this time” even though she regrets it later and is in a mood for a couple of more weeks…until, something something, dramatic moment, he kisses her and now it’s all okay.  Then rinse and repeat.

This is such a BORING storyline!  If you have to create unnecessary drama, like continuous break-ups and make-ups, just to make a story work and keep it interesting, then I’m sorry, but the story never worked to begin with.  Why can’t we see more relationships where sure, the guy and the girl fight, but there’s never a question of whether they will break up or not because they’ve firmly decided from the start to be together through it all?  Why is quiet enjoyment of one another’s company, going through life’s natural struggles as partners rather than enemies, not enough for a decent story?  Why does there always have to be a battle?  Why are all these female protags so inconsistent with their feelings that they can leave a guy, try dating someone else for a while but somehow “still love him after all this time, and there’s no way I’m letting him get married to someone else because obviously we are destined to be together!”  Yeah, right.

I would consider that this doesn’t happen in every story, but it’s enough to create a culture out of it.  A culture where guys just have to put up with the girl they love’s crap because she’s supposed to be “empowered,” and how dare you try to tie her down or give her your opinion.  A culture where girls don’t consider the guy’s feelings, jump to conclusions all of the time and base all of their actions on their emotions.  I get it, women are the more sensitive gender, but that doesn’t mean we have to be the less responsible one, too.

I gotta tell you, if I have to hear about one more story where a girl and a guy get married after years of hit-and-misses, arguments and breakups that are never addressed and apologized for then I am going to flip!


4 thoughts on “Girl, Give That Guy a Break

  1. LOL! I hear you Ada. While it’s always possible I may have been insensitive or thoughtless in my younger days, it does not even compare to the modern pop culture perception of, “strong and empowered really means just be downright cruel and abusive every chance you get.”

    What really bothers me is that now there are young girls who don’t know any better. They a have learned how to walk in the world through pop culture and sitcoms. This behavior is problematic for so many reasons, a couple being you’ll drive away the good guys, and if you get the wrong guy, you risk pushing him over the edge.

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    • It is really sad, and I don’t think it’s actually satisfying for any of the women who act like this either. You’re right, not all men can put up with that behavior and things can turn sour quickly, opening the door to abuse. I know that we shouldn’t blame women for being abused no matter what the circumstances are, but like it or not we live in a broken world with broken men who will eventually snap, and now you’ve got those lost boys that you write about who hate women with every fiber of their being. Hate feeds on hate. Men hate women, women become feminists that hate men, fueling the hate that those same men have for women. People stop wanting to get married, then get their hearts broken living the risque single life. It’s a vicious circle and I can only see it ending well when there’s forgiveness, surrender, and calling off the battle on both sides. Luckily that surrender can start with just one couple modelling the Christ-like marriage and multiply from there.

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    • It is very sad. It in turn makes many men loathsome of the concept of relationships and marriage, if not just women in general, and creates a toxic feedback loop. The only way to break the cycle is for more men and women to stop and declare they’ve had enough of the drama.

      Recently I knew a couple who were going to be engaged. The guy seemed to really improve from the relationship, getting his life in order and getting a better job to provide for them. Then out of the blue the girl cheated on him and the relationship fell apart. I thought they had something going there, but I think a lot of girls unconsciously internalize that message that we should be bad and just do whatever we want because “empowerment.”

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