“You Don’t Need a Man to Make you Happy?”

I suppose I didn’t need my dad, a man, to save me from basically falling off the edge of the Earth a few times, but it sure did make life easier! 🙂

See, there's this thing called biology...

“You don’t need a man to make you happy,” came through my FB feed the other day and I’m having a chuckle here at the vehemence of my response, the certainty, the conviction that exclaimed and blurted out, “Oh but you do! Desperately!

Do you know what they call women like me? Never mind, I’m sure you can imagine. So much for “empowering our sisters and tolerating diverse views.” It seems as if some views are simply “too diverse,” and some sisters just….. too fallen.

How crazy is that? I mean we live in a world where it is socially acceptable to have horns implanted in your head, or to re-imagine yourself as a sea-lion. (Sorry to say, Sea Lion Boy is a real thing in the world.)  What you cannot do ever, is something quite natural, quite biological, quite normal even, take note of any sort of female…

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