Men at Work

This is just a thank you to some of the young men I work with that make me feel better when I’m doing shifts for minimum wage. Not to say that there aren’t some awesome ladies as well, because there are, but I just hate that work in popular culture seems to be a competition between the sexes, and instead want to express my gratitude for my male coworkers that improve my overall experience and also humble me.

You might never read this, guys, but thank you…

For helping me reach products on the higher shelves in the walk-in cooler.

For enabling me to smile brighter for customers with your jokes.

For being honest with me when I make mistakes, but delivering it in such a way that I feel better about improving myself.

For understanding my dumb sarcasm when it slips and not taking it personally.

For taking me to the first-aid kit when I cut myself on a knife, even though I insisted on going alone.

For being careful not to step on me since I’m so short.

For forgiving me when I almost burst your ear drum yelling across the store for you to take over for me when I went on break that one time and then felt so ashamed of myself.

For letting me hear about your personal problems so I could sympathize with you.

For having to listen to my awkwardness.

For giving me the opportunity to help you.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Men at Work

  1. There’s something special about being looked after and cared for by a man, platonic or romantic. As wonderful as women can be, sometimes we just need a man to say or do something to let us know we are cared for. I know for me, it touches me in a way that a woman’s encouragement never could.


    • It is so true. They really bring a whole new perspective to the table that is often very valuable and I think women are naturally drawn to that affirmation. Men and women are different, but we balance each other out when we do things right and it’s a lovely thing to experience. Friendships among men and women separately are important in establishing one’s identity, but we just aren’t complete without each other. So I feel very strongly about men and women cooperating with each other, as spouses, brothers and sisters, friends, you name it.

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