Urgent Prayer Request

My brother was relapsing with his schizophrenia for the past few months and during this most recent episode he’s completely unresponsive.  No, he is not on a rampage as the stereotype for schizophrenia goes.  He just plain cannot communicate with us anymore.  I feel like I can’t even reach him; his mind is in another dimension.  I hope it’s a nice dimension, because he has a permanent smile on his face.  At least it’s not a depressive/paranoid episode.

Please pray for him to get better.  We are already trying everything we can to help him, but with our stupid healthcare system he probably won’t get an appointment with his psychiatrist for five months, and we can’t take him off his meds or make any changes to his prescription without a doctor’s approval.

I just want my brother back.


7 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request

  1. Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you today to ask for healing, Lord you are the Healer of all healing methods and medicine, Lord I pray for his brothers safety and for his family as well for this is a scary situation for them… Lord I ask in Jesus name that his brother will snap out of this schizophrenia episode, Lord I pray that he will return to being himself again and be totally healed from this illness. Thank you Lord for hearing my request for better health for his brother and family Amen…

    God Bless & best wishes for your brother


  2. UPDATE: My brother got his medication finally and he has been recovering steadily. Praise God! We are upset though that we were not contacted when the medication was finished a week ago and it was just lying there in the pharmacy, and there was confusion when my mom went to pick them up earlier but they told her the medication wasn’t finished.

    The important thing is that my brother is getting better and he’s returned to us for the most part.

    God bless you all for your prayers. 🙂


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