Dear Future Husband


It’s March 13, 2015.  I don’t know you yet, but you’re out there, living out your life, maybe talking to friends or out for a walk, lost in your thoughts, or maybe you’re thinking about who I am, too.  I do wonder about that – what you’re doing, where you are with God, what’s troubling you, what you’re thankful for, what’s made you laugh recently.  I think of your personality, your quirks, stuff I can tease you about.  I don’t want to think about what you look like; sometimes I do, but then I’m reminded that that’s not really that important.

I want to be a good wife for you, darling – I want to treat you right.  Men receive so much animosity and indifference from women in today’s cultural climate, so I want to cut you some slack.  I’m praying that God will make me into a woman that will love you through everything, that will respect you and honor you, and walk through till the other side of the woods with you.  I pray that our marriage will be one of the many examples out there of how a relationship looks when Christ is at the center of it; a witness of love and sacrifice as we get transformed by the love of God with every passing day.

Oh love, I fall fast and I fall hard.  I have a low self-esteem, and if I don’t watch it, I’ll fall for the next guy who gives me the time of day.  But I’m working on it – Jesus is helping me work on it.  Like everyone, I have some brokenness I carry around that I need to unravel.  God’s love is enough to handle that.  And truthfully, the only man I ever want to call me beautiful is you.  As much as I may struggle from time to time, I want to keep myself pure for you, because you deserve it, and I hope you’re committed to the same thing.  I want you to be my first and my last.  I don’t know why people scoff at such a simple and frankly romantic concept.  I believe less people would find marriage dull if they stuck to it.

In a way, it’s like we’re already married, because I’m addressing this to the man I am going to be marrying in the future, once I meet you and such.  In the future, we are married, and in the present, we are headed to be married.  Would that blow your mind?  If it would, then get ready for a lot of that when we’re married.  Also, get ready for random bouts of singing around the house, bad puns, weird dance moves when I think I’m alone, and the occasional murmuring to myself.

I’m not sure why I decided to write this, but maybe I’ll show this to you one day and ask about what you were doing around this time or something cheesy like that.  Anyway, bottom line is, wherever you are and however you’re feeling, I want you to know that you are loved.


Your Future Wife


10 thoughts on “Dear Future Husband

  1. This is quite lovely 🙂 Im so glad IB mentioned you in her blog so I could stumble upon you.
    You should check out Elisabeth Eliot’s book, Let Me Be a Woman. In light of your thoughts on this post I’m pretty certain you will love it if you haven’t discovered it already.

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