The Miracle of You

Sometimes when I wonder if my existence is really all that important, if it wouldn’t matter either way had I never been born, I turn to biology.

Genetics is a fascinating field.  Having a working knowledge of codes and computer programming, I can make the analogy of DNA being akin to a code.  Hidden in every single strand is information all about you, from the slight angle of your nose to the complex and varied intonations of your voice.  There were numerous possible outcomes when your parents’ chromosomes came together to make you into a zygote – you could have had blue eyes, not green; you could have been taller; you could have a slightly skewed hormonal balance that would change your natural temperament and disposition later on; you could have had a high soprano rather than a husky alto.

Everyone is so different – did you know that there are probably only about four or five other people in the entire 7 billion plus population of the world who could resemble you convincingly?  I met one of my doubles in my freshman year of high school, and even she was unique from me in her own distinct ways.

Biologists estimate that the possibilities of you being you was one in hundreds of trillions.  Looking at this from a Christian perspective, the piece of scripture that says “you were wonderfully and fearfully made” takes on a powerful new resonance.  From God’s perspective, you matter – a lot.

The Lord could have made anyone else in your mother’s womb, but He made you – indeed, He knew you before you were born.


3 thoughts on “The Miracle of You

  1. Ah, how lovely Ada! I too, am rather enchanted with the biology 😉

    I had a funny discussion on evolution the other day and somebody was explaining to my little pea brain about frog reproduction, eggs, tadpoles, and how this was flat out science and proof of the reliability of evolution or something. Right at that very moment this news feed popped up in my browser announcing the discovery of yet another species of frog that actually has decided to toss evolution aside and just have live births. Biology is kind of funny that way, just when we think we have all the answers, we discover we do not know quite what we think we know 😉


    • Haha, biology is your trademark. 😉

      Wow, that is hilarious timing! There are so many ways that animals are built to adapt to their environments, each one vital to the ecosystem, that it’s hard to understand how they could have been coordinated to fit so precisely by themselves.

      You know, when my dad was more of a skeptic, he thought that atoms were intelligent, or at least they had to be in order to make the complex things of the universe. And I find that interesting because you still see that design-thinking there, that recognition of intelligence. The world is too beautiful to be an accident. If it were an accident, it would look like someone just spilled paint on a canvas, not like a masterpiece of Michelangelo.


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