Unto You a Savior is Born


There’s something incredibly awe-inspiring and miraculous about Christmas.  And not just 2000 years ago when the nativity scene above occurred, but this year, and last year, and every year since then.

The whole earth seems to beg to celebrate it.  Unbelieving celebrities will sing even the most worshipful carols that countless unbelieving listeners will tune into.  Many a YouTube comments on videos of Christmas hymns will contain the remark of, “I’m an atheist, but I love this song – it just gives me goosebumps!”  Everyone seems to get into the spirit, unless they’re completely anti-Christianity or of a different faith.  Anyone who isn’t extremely against Christmas is for it.

“It’s the consumerism,” some people will protest.  “Who doesn’t want gifts?”  But what’s stopping anyone from giving and getting gifts any other time of the year?  Why put up that Christmas tree and those lights and those ornaments and sing the carols and watch the movies and go to so much trouble for a holiday you don’t even believe in?  Even countries that aren’t necessarily Christian (without laws against Christianity, of course) will do something special for the big day.

Yes, there is something inherently spiritual about Christmas time, like much of creation is crying out, “A savior is born.”


2 thoughts on “Unto You a Savior is Born

  1. There you are!
    Hi Ada,

    I do think like you that, at this time of year, hearts are softer and more receptive to the things of God. Just one more opportunity for hearts to ‘have no excuse,’ and maybe show an interest in spiritual things in ways that have previously been denied.

    Heck, if stones could cry out, God could use a hymn of praise sung by unbelievers. His word NEVER returns void.

    And happy holidays to u also.


    • Hiya, ColorStorm! Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas season.

      Yes, I noticed that too – the soft hearts, the joy, the intrigue. I’m a prayer partner with Japan Mission and they’ve told me that even in atheistic/Buddhist/Shintoist Japan, there is a lot of curiosity about Christianity during Christmas. God bless them during their outreach this time of year and I pray they reap a great harvest.

      Haha, yes! I think Christmas carols are a great tool for God to use to spread the message of the Gospel, because they’re played everywhere this time of year.

      Merry Christmas to you too and may God bless you and yours.


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