Akiane Kramarik: A Child Prodigy and a Child of God


As soon as I saw this painting I knew I would have to share it on here.  The story behind it is a remarkable story of God’s love:

The artist, Akiane Kramarik, now 20 years old, was a home-schooled child of atheists who began drawing at the age of 4 and painting at the age of 6 after receiving visions from God, which she states began around age 3.  Her powerfully complex paintings, like the Prince of Peace painting above that she drew at 8 years of age, speaks to a wisdom far, far beyond her years.  The best part is that she is self-taught (or God-taught, as she has said before).

Her parents were shocked to hear her speaking of God and conveying His messages to her through her beautiful artwork, with all the humbleness and innocence of a child.  Her family had no television, no friends, they didn’t interact with their neighbors or relatives, and as stated before, Kramarik was home-schooled by her atheist parents.  Eventually, their daughter’s revelations broke through to their hearts and they converted to Christianity.

This is a remarkable story – God can use anyone and anything to reach anyone else, and reveal His love even through the paint brush of a small child.  I love looking at Kramarik’s artwork, because just like when listening to Bach’s music, I can really feel God through them.  It is an incredibly precious thing to behold.


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