Does God Pick Favourites?

I’m going to be brief about this as per my short span of Internet time: yes and no.

If you really lay your life down for Jesus, if you pay attention to following the “least” of His commandments, if He is the greatest love of your life and more, then there’s no reason for God to give you the cold shoulder.

Granted, He will not necessarily make you rich in the material sense, but He will greatly bless your spiritual life.  You will have many prayers answered and you will win many souls for Christ.

See, God is really big on consent.  He only gives you as much as you give Him.  Sometimes I will complain, “Why don’t I feel God’s presence more?  Why is it so hard for me to hear Him?”  But I’m reminded that it’s all on me.  Seek and you will find; ask and you will receive.  If I’m left feeling disappointed, there’s no error in judgment on God’s part.

John the Apostle is considered Jesus’ favourite disciple.  Why?  Because he was His most loyal, that’s why!  John really wanted Jesus to be his closest Friend – he searched for a relationship with the living God Himself rather than what the living God could offer him.  He listened closely to Jesus’s teachings; he went from a son of thunder to a faithful child of God.  Do we ourselves not have best friends, regular friends, and then acquaintances?  So it is with Jesus.

Make no mistake, however – God loves each and every one of us.    Whether we are willing to take in that love, to feel it and reciprocate it in a specific degree, is entirely up to us.


3 thoughts on “Does God Pick Favourites?

  1. You’re awesome Ada, and some of your comments over at my blog are just amazing 😉

    I agree with you with about God picking favorites being a yes and a no. I too have felt that, all are worthy in His eyes, but some He likes more than others. I’ve never seen Him reject anybody but I have seen Him appear to favor some more than others. God’s favor however is not always what people think it is. The book of Job teaches us that.

    Sometimes there are these pastors on TV who say “God is not a favorer of persons” and imply that we can all have what they have. Sometimes I want say, well yes, but you do not have quite what you think you have. I would not want exactly what you have because I am not you and God has given me more in some ways and less in others. God is very just and fair, but He does not treat us all as if we were the same because we are not.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I am hoping that some particular comments struck some good chords (even if they might make people uncomfortable).

      I think God likes some more than others for their great potential, others because they try so very hard to draw closer to Him (He definitely takes notice). Either way, all I need to know is that God loves all of us in similar, albeit not identical, ways.

      That is true. We are made in His image, but God has a large personality (even though He doesn’t have any flaws) so we each seem to exhibit some of His traits more than others. I think God has a thing for diversity, and really, you can see it in everything He’s created. Like a bird has equal worth in the animal kingdom as a lion, each human is necessary, although each is given a radically different purpose.


  2. Hi Ada-

    ‘He only gives you as much as you give him.’ you said-

    Consider this: The Lord is building our eternal abodes with the materials we send up as believers. In other words,anything of value in our redeemed lives will be used in the construction…………it would then follow that not all have the same dwelling places, after all, in my Fathers’ house are many mansions…. but I’m still not sure what I think on this, I remember hearing this years ago and it was interesting. I guess it doesn’t matter!

    ‘Why don’t I sense His presence more?’ as u stated, well, one thing is for sure, God didn’t move!

    always good to read you-


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