Learning Moderation

So, my family accidentally left our PS3 on Internet connection for a number of days, and as such we’ve managed to use up a large chunk of our available Internet for this past month.  Because of this, I’m going to go on a complete hiatus for 6 days until our next bill comes.  That means no blogging for a while after this post.

This is actually a pretty good thing for me, and I feel God had something to do with this.  My biggest struggle since becoming a Christian is doing pleasurable things in moderation – eating, Internet time, music, games, movies, etc.  I guess it’s to be expected, since I turned to Christ less than a year ago, so I’m still working things out.  Anyway, sometimes these activities would cut into my prayer and general worship time, and a few of these past few mornings I woke up realizing I forgot to pray the night before, and then quickly trying to make up for it.  My prayers have grown a bit half-hearted as well over the past week.

To compensate, I’ve been kicking myself to be extremely nice to everyone and not lose my temper.  But, of course, I can’t leave any commandments out.  Prayer and Bible study is a significant part in the life of any Christian, and it influences you in most other areas of your life, too,  so if you’re slacking off, it’s going to start to show in your spiritual fruit.

The reason I’m posting this is to ask for some prayer support from my Christian followers.  These six days could very well culminate into a huge step forward in my walk with Christ, so all I’m asking is that you prayerfully (literally) lend me some spiritual encouragement.

God bless you and yours, to all of my readers,

– Ada


7 thoughts on “Learning Moderation

  1. Ada-
    Hope u can see this before u disappear for a few days.

    A believer for a year? Wow, and I mean that with the greatest of respect. I’m certain many will agree that you show a tremendous amount of depth, grace, compassion, insight, and spiritual good will for such a short time. You have a very soft heart to absorb so much of God’s goodness so rapidly.

    I will make mention of ADA to the Lord above, and btw, again impressive to hear you ask for help from God’s own. That is awesome to be dependent on others. God bless you, and may you hear that still small voice that tells you,
    ‘this thing is from me.’


    • There are still a lot of rough edges I need the Lord to shave off of me. I know most of the things I am required to do in faith, from the biggest to the smallest commands, it’s just carrying them out where it gets tricky at times. Alas, I am still a work in progress like everyone else.

      Thank you for your powerful prayer, and God bless you too.


  2. Sending you blessings and keeping you in my prayers, Ada. Take heart, I kid you not, God has done the same thing to me a couple of times. LOL, naturally, I tend the throw a fit at first, but it’s always, always, been for the best.

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    • Thanks, friend. Haha, it’s always hindsight thinking that helps us understand things better, isn’t it? In any case, so far things have been improving as far as my prayer life and general business, so I think I’m starting to see the benefits of sacrifice.


  3. Ada-

    Just a heads up- it seems that not all your posts from other sites can link to your site-
    u may want to revisit that–

    If u know that already then i apologize for buttin in. 😉


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