Christmas in October

It’s hard to explain why, but I always seem to start feeling the Christmas spirit way in mid-October.  While my neighbors are carving pumpkins, shopping for bite-sized candy, and ghoul-ifying their houses, I’m sitting here looking forward to singing hymns, ice-skating, decorating, and – chestnu~ts roa~stiiing…on an open fiiiire



8 thoughts on “Christmas in October

    • There really is nothing better! You feel like that old woman in the New Testament who waited years for the King of Kings to be born, and finally He’s right there in her arms, a humble baby. It’s a very hopeful season, to say the least. The fact that Christmas is so widely celebrated even among non-Christians seems quite significant to me, like everyone knows it’s a special day, even though many don’t understand why.

      And awesome! One of the other things I’m looking forward to is those holiday treats…

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      • I think you are onto something their Ada about people appreciating Christmas even if if they don’t know why.
        There is probably a psycology that’s well out of my pay grade, where folks intuitively ‘agree’ there is something ‘more,.’ to this season of lights and good cheer.

        I know a woman who has an ornament reminding her of Christmas, she keeps it up year round, all the while not agreeing that Christ died for her according to the scriptures. Tis an interesting thought.

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      • This is a topic I’d like to explore more in another post, probably when it gets closer to Christmas.

        I think it’s a very spiritual thing rather than psychological. Even in Japan, where less than 1% of the population is Christian, they have gorgeous lights throughout the cities during Christmas, they give gifts, they eat traditional meals, etc, and they make a sort of holiday out of it. People will insist that it was brought about because of the commercial success of Christmas, but I don’t think so. Nobody’s forcing the average consumer to celebrate Christmas, and yet it still manages to slip its way into many different societies.

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      • Tka Ada for not busting me on another mis-spelled word——-psychological…geez 😉

        Yep, gotta include the spiritual component as u say; I’ll be looking for your post down the road around the corner.

        Btw, there is a drink called ‘Christmas in a cup’ but I can’t recall what it is. Ever heard of it?


      • I agree Ada, but remember my list??

        Straight a’s in spelling? You could have snuck a jab at me, I would have laughed!

        Anyway, yes, I found out that drink:

        it’s called a chai tea latte-

        Happy October!!!!!


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