“No Junk Here: You Are Jesus’ Treasure”

A beautiful article I got from my e-mail subscription to Charisma magazine.

I highly recommend reading it.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do.  There is Someone who put you at so high a value, He sacrificed Himself just so He could connect with you in a loving relationship.  He gives my life more value than I ever knew without Him, and unlike earthly friends, who come and go, He is always there, waiting for you to take His hand.  He does not see you for what you are – He sees you for what you can be, for your intrinsic potential.  But He will only take you if you ask Him to.


6 thoughts on ““No Junk Here: You Are Jesus’ Treasure”

  1. I read this earlier Ada, kind of reminds me of the woman who said she would be happy with the ‘scraps that fell from the masters table.’ Leftovers, throwaways, unwanted, yep, the scourge of the earth has value to the Creator.

    You used a fav word of mine there too, (intrinsic) 😉 and God sees it all as u say.

    So God is the eternal junk collector?? Its ok by me.

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    • We’re filthy as rags, but God loves us anyway. He’s seen all the flaws of every human being on earth, from the hideous crimes of people like Hitler, Stalin, or Jack the Ripper, to the men who seem perfect in their deeds and yet still have their own dark side, and yet, we’re still here. He has never turned His back on us, and He never will. We are eternally His.

      Intrinsic is a word I like to use a lot too. We are precious because we were made precious; we’re valuable not because of what we do or our economic worth, but because we simply ARE. We are God’s creation.

      Hehe, yep. He collects the shiny pearls and the rusted nails. He takes us pieces of coal and presses us into spotless diamonds.

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      • Yea, the writer in the article said: ‘to everyone else we may look like junk….’

        You gotta cut the Ripper a little slack though Ada……..Jack is my name….lol

        Per our ‘worship’ yesterday, none of us would be fit to stand in the presence of God’s majesty as rust——but sanctified rust!!! ie, now flawless, thats a different story!

        We have this treasure.in earthen vessels. All the while others see junk–truly humbling and awesome


      • Don’t worry, Jack; I don’t think you could be compared to the rapist murderer the Ripper.

        Yes, we’re now rust cleaned up with Jesus’s personal brand of CLR, haha! Ah, it’s late in my time-zone, so my jokes are a little off-kilter…

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  2. That was lovely Ada. God doesn’t make junk and everybody serves a purpose in God’s kingdom. We are Christ’s treasures and He’s made quite an investment in us.

    Even when I’m not feeling like much of a treasure, I try to remember, nope, already bought and paid for, ransomed, and heavily invested in.

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    • I remember reading a testimony of a former lesbian who was talking about how she hated herself, how she despised her femininity, and how God taught her that self-hatred is her sinning against herself. He basically told her, “You were created by Me, and yet you find yourself despicable? Child, I did not turn My back on you when I created you in your mother’s womb. I made you in My image. To hate yourself is to hate I Who created you. You were born of love, not of disgust.”

      So God sees us all as treasures, and whenever we think of ourselves as garbage, we are sinning. God wants us to know we are loved and to never feel shame, for He paid too big a price for us to wallow in self-pity.

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