Ah, Millenials…


I tend to have a love-hate relationship with my generation.  I love us because I aim to love people in general, and I hate us because we can be just so naively fatalistic or nihilistic and self-righteous.  That’s why I really face-palmed when a friend of mine shared this little meme on facebook.  Alright, now for my self-righteous rebuttal:

1. Who would want to raise a child in this broken world?

I’m sorry, did the world suddenly become broken when you first decided to turn off your X-Box and listen to our media which pretty much feeds off of tragedies?  When was the world not broken, and when has that ever prevented people from having and protecting a family?  Oh how kind of you, not wanting to introduce a child to this pitiful existence.  I suppose you curse your parents for having you and would really like to crawl back into your mama’s womb and suck on your thumb again, too.

2. Pregnancy is expensive and stressful to the body.

In the age of painkillers and praise for the exponential advancements of medical science in the area of childbirth, not to mention the availability of at least a good number of organizations prepared to help families in need, you think this generation should be the one to complain most about the struggles of pregnancy?

Yes, pregnancy is expensive and stressful.  I should know; my dad told me my mother coughed up blood and had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks while she was pregnant with me.  Oh, and they were nearly dead broke.  Do they feel any less of a sense of accomplishment and pride because they endured that for my sake?  Geez, people, stop wanting to take the easy way out.

3. We’re the most educated and underpaid in history.

Ai yi yada…and who’s fault is that?  Who is determined to keep voting in people who make market conditions so much more difficult to start or maintain a business that can hire people and make school costs rise like crazy?  Who was it that bought into the idea that a fancy Liberal Arts degree makes you deserving of a high-paying job?  Who was it that decided to restrict themselves and go along with the concept that you even need to have great educational credentials to make a decent living?  You’ve got it – millenials!

4. We’re scared of being unable to provide the same opportunities we had.

Well that’s our problem right there – we’re scared.  The opportunities we had were given to us because our parents and grandparents took risks, even if they had their own flaws.  And you can never really provide your kid with opportunities, unless you have connections, because they will need to follow them with their own strengths that you hope to instill in them while they’re growing up.  You teach your kid, like I was taught by my dad, to make and find opportunities for themselves.

5. There’s too many of us!

Overpopulation is a myth.  Our resources are becoming ever-more efficient to meet our needs while moving towards sustainability, and our population is predicted to peak and drop off within a few years.  Please stop the apocalyptic-fetishizing.

6. Career or kids?  Your pick.

Why is a career more important than family, and how come we cannot somehow manage to fulfill both?  Am I wrong, or are human beings still being born with brains these days?

7. It’s easier to have pets.

Okay, you got me there.  But I would argue that it’s not quite as fulfilling.  Nothing that’s easy is ever really worth much in the grand scheme of things.